Why is Brand Identity such a contemporary concept today?

Identity, a relatively contemporary concept, has emerged essential and precedes brand image and positioning now. In today’s saturated and cluttered communication era, we need to define (Identity) the brand much before it gets perceived (image) by the target audience. Today’s scenario is much more complex than what it was a decade back.

To understand this, let’s try and decode. Your identity card succinctly tells who you are. This is extremely subjective and non transferable. Thus brand identity is the distinguishable features that help audience to instantly recognize the brand. In the perspective of communication, it is the unique essence of the brand that is sent out to the audience, and it remains the same across all its products\services\communication. With the tangible and intangible characteristics of the brand, it gets its heritage.  This heritage then should be thoughtfully curated to create value in the matrix of the cluttered market.

Position of your brand in this cluttered market, plagued with several me too s, is an uphill task.  You need to position your brand based on the 4 pertinent questions:

  • For what
  • For whom
  • For when
  • Against whom

All customer decisions are based on comparisons. With reviews and opinions all over different media (old and new), the present scenario poses a much greater challenge, hence a well strategized positioning (with right media mix) with prudence and precision is need of the hour!