Why Enter Cerebrum Labs

  • Every day there is an emergence of last mile tools promising to help customers in realising their dreams embedded in social media and performance marketing. We refer to the tools that can help in social media marketing, video marketing and optimization, email marketing, lead generation and capture, lead management,branding, marketing tech in general.
  • Most of the tools are bridging some gaps, SAAS /cloud by nature and precision centric. They possess some unique value proposition. Most of them sound the same. They all offer connectedness.
  • It’s impossible for a single company, busy with their core business to keep a track on each one of these newly evolved tool, evaluate their fit and take a call on any one of them.
  • The tools economy has travelled a long way from a very expensive proposition to a subscription based ‘use and throw’ entity.

Why have we created this?

It’s very difficult for a small company to create “Bell labs”. It’s even more difficult to keep people benched for many months, as “technical members”, engaged in research with an anticipation to support clients in need. But the way that digital media is intensifying, it’s just a matter of time before automation, AR, VR, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence take the hot seat!

However, all these big tech fancies may not be essential for all businesses and brands. Nonetheless, we need to roll up sleeves to keep pace with the ever evolving technology, and depending on customer’s need we need to customise these technical advances. In a customer driven business, it is imperative to provide them with all the latest technological choices available in the market, and help bridging the gap of what we can now and what we can do six months down the line.

But we need to build this bridge in some an innovative way. To us, “Enter Cerebrum Labs” is the future DNA of Enter Cerebrum, where every decision on behalf of our clients is evaluated by an independent set of researchers. The next gen of technology will have less to do with coding and more to do with the evaluation of it.

We consider Enter Cerebrum Labs the future of Enter Cerebrum




Enter Cerebrum Labs is a dedicated team
Enter Cerebrum Labs is always researching on how to address client queries with reference to marketing tech.
Enter Cerebrum Labs is a resource which does not work in traditional IT resource models.
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