A Tilt With Time

Yesterday resides in today’s memory and tomorrow breathes in today’s dream – the unidirectional flow of time! The life defined by age abides by time. Yet the imaginations of an age bound mind can be ageless. The creativity flowing out of an imaginative mind can be timeless! These timeless creations have the immense ability to influence, initiate and in surge millions of minds.

The ageless question is, what is it that appeals the audience in us, that we smoothly slew through the timeless literatures, films, and brush strokes of the bygone creative minds.

The most compulsive and eternal reason is humanity or faith in humanity. We may not relate to the “then” social structure, the perceptions of the characters created the matrix of policies and politics yet we connect deeply to the eternal essence of humanity. A greatest example an ageless narration that spontaneously rolls in, in our mind is ” Anne Frank’s Dairy”. The history is poignant, the politic is complex, but the story telling is simple and it touches the deep chord inside. Undeterred by the betrayal, persecution and misery around her, the beautiful innocent mind boldly holds on her faith on humanity. In today’s super adept advanced tech society, where humanity is going extinct, we try to emulate her thought “In spite of everything I still believe people are good at heart.” To reinforce this faith, we pass on her content to our future through gen next version of kindle. Thus, a creation with an eternal virtue of life presented in a simple yet effective content can undeniably win over time. The human instinct across ages will invariably resonate with the pulsating humanity of a creation.

Another overwhelming trait that can defy time is the surreal imagination that runs wild through a creative mind! None can deny the ageless appeal of nonsensical dream like surrealism! It imparts immeasurable space for imagination, interpretation and innovation to the ingenious minds across centuries! The surrealism in a content inspires the creators to chisel out timeless piece of art, which in turn is left behind for the equally gifted skillful scions. The timelessness is passed on!! The great art piece “Persistence of Memory” by the versatile, surreal painter and print maker Salvador Dalí has an undeniable victory over time! Why? The image of four weird shaped melting clocks on a deserted desert pick’s our brain with queries like why desert, why clocks melting away and so on. The pschyloanalytical tapping of the subconscious mind, intrigues curious minds across ages. It is like trying to explore the inexplicable dreams knitted with unrelated object, location and characters. And through ages we keep exploring the unsaid yet compelling thought process that in turns inspires new creation in the time to come.

Any content which emphasizes on “being human” in a world where we are treading on thin ice gives us the timeless pleasure to set free our desire and surrender to fantasy with brush strokes, word play , reel feel splashed with various shades beauty, humour, jokes, sarcasm of the conscious and subconscious world around! And we clasp on to such contents across decades and centuries rendering them timeless!
The essence, the impact, the popularity of a creation should span across today, tomorrow and future. The effort to get noticed is short term and shallow, but to be remembered is elegant, graceful and ageless.

Soumi Duttagupta