At the outset, let us explicitly assert that we don’t “offer” a pre and post work culture.If this sounds naive to you, please ignore the rest of the content mentioned here.

Our understanding about work culture

  • We exist because of “clients”.
  • Everyone who wants to work with us answers two basic questions:
    a)  What do you bring to the table? b) How do clients benefit from your skills?
  • We are a contemporary company with a futuristic outlook , offering a decent salary. We like to work with “serious” people short of ego and attitude.
  • We have an existing distributed (within the country and abroad) workforce. They work with us under the following broad categories:
    (a) Full-time (b) Part-time  (c) Freelancers (d) Assignment specific  (e) Consultants (f) Interns
  • Most of our associates work from where they stay, but deliver immense value and get acquainted with Enter Cerebrum’s way of work quickly.
  • We prefer human beings with a positive attitude and genuine passion. We provide a very time-tested and robust training program. We prefer to work with “adults” who are really passionate about their work and truly wish to create their own digital footprints.
  • Enter Cerebrum is not a place that mixes work and partying. It is a place devoted to its work, up-gradations of skills, inspirations and future. We mean this! We talk Business!
  • We are easy people, not in the process of “creating” a culture. We have a very systematic process to capture brilliance and disruptive thoughts, along with working with sustainable value givers!
  • If you want to join our budding team, please email an updated CV to
    Please mention two things:  (a) What are you bringing to the table? (b) How doesthat helps our clients?