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How SEO and Content Marketing Services in India Work: Fuel Your Online Success

When you type in a quick search for something, how often do you end up at the 5th or 6th Google search page? Yeah, not very often! In fact – in a world that holds a generation of notoriously lazy people, you can bet that most people would barely ever make it past the third!

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Whether you’re a brand or a professional trying to market yourself on online platforms, you probably know the importance of creating good content to maintain a stronger presence. Content marketing is a great idea, but of course you need good content as well as visibility. Content marketing and SEO are two different services that work best, when they complement each other!

Content marketing is about creating customized and effective content and search engine optimization refers to the technical approach in making your content more accessible to users.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how great your content is if it can’t be accessed, and if your content isn’t very good, then, you don’t really wantpeople to see it, do you?

However, the good news is, there are plenty of SEO and content marketing companies in India that can help you out!

So what can you expect from SEO and content marketing services?

A content marketing company helps you create customized content based on your brand, profile and target audience. A good marketing service will always create tailor-made content marketing strategies and uses their expertise and knowledge in the line of social media and digital marketing to create informational content that your visitors are likely to appreciate.

SEO and ontent Marketing Services

Now with the internet being plagued with sub-standard content penetrating its way through – it creates a “clutter of information”, consequently making it harder for your content to stand out and rank higher in a search engine page! It’s all about using keywords, quality and user experiences to make your content more accessible to users.

While the type of content differs from company to company, most reputed content marketing company in India help create content in all its forms – content for music, videos, articles, posters, flyers and what have you!

How does this Help you?

If you’ve been in the market long enough, you know by now that digital marketing isn’t what one would call ‘a walk in the park’. And if you haven’t, well, don’t say we didn’t warn you! To truly get the best out of your digital marketing campaigns, you need a dedicated army of individuals, working towards this goal. Designers, analysts, writers, editors – a content marketing company has them all. This is an especially effective way for aspiring professionals like photographers, musicians, performers and the likes, who have little or no knowledge of how to navigate themselves online, to market themselves!

Working of Content Marketing Agency

The more accessible your content is – the more traffic you are likely to generate, and eventually, the more effective your content marketing returns are likely to be! Because – no matter how good your content is, if it isn’t relatively easy to access, it won’t matter.

Best Practices for Content Marketing Success: You Can’t Afford to Ignore Them

To get the best out of your digital marketing campaigns – you need good content that keeps your audience interested. The art of content marketing is a complex process that demands your – time, creativity, efficiency and moreover, an incredibly sharp mind to keep up with the ever-changing digital world to be truly successful. New trends materialize within weeks and old trends die out in days, and sometimes the universe will throw you a curve ball and what you thought was a long-gone practice, is suddenly embraced as a timeless classic. Well, whether you’re all in for newer trends or tend towards the old school, here are a few things to keep in mind to get the best out of your content marketing strategy!

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The right balance

your content needs to maintain the right balance between what you want to say and what your customers want to hear in order to get the right kind of response. The entire essence of content marketing is subtlety! You need creative, original content that offers value to your audience without coming across as an in-your-face promo.

Cater to your buyer Persona

Figure out who you are writing for. What kind of customers do you want to attract? Should your content be entertaining, informative or meaningful? Once you know the kind of audience you are targeting – you get a better idea of the kind of content you need to get their attention.

Reward your Readers

 Your readers need to get something out of the material they read or the videos they watch. Content Marketing India is a deviation from conventional marketing in the sense that it offers something of value (or gives a darned good impression of it!)To its viewers.

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Don’t shy away from Experiments

The digital world is all about change. While you definitely want to adapt to these subtle or not-so-subtle changes, don’t ignore the potential of a new thought or idea that could actually help YOU createthat next big thing. Every new trend was once just a lazy experiment or a well thought idea. Embrace creativity in all its forms and be open to taking risks.

The right distribution Channels

Sometimes it isn’t just all about the content. There are so many ways to get your articles, videos and stories out there. Social media, blogs, websites, applications are all great options, but when you’re targeting a specific audience – you need to channel your content through the right platforms. Remember than even within your target audience – you have various categories of people that will have different online habits and preferences.

Invest in good writers, editors, graphic designers, videographers and content specialists. You need a dedicated team to help you market your brand successfully. Research, ask around and figure out what works best for you! If creating content isn’t your forte, there are several good content creation companies in India that can help you and your brand through their experience and expertise.


Why Choose A Career In Digital Marketing?

Author: Karishma D’mello

If the world of digital marketing is something that interests you, it’s something you should definitely look into,given its diverse range of opportunities for almost every skill set, it is a particularly rewarding field. One that is booming and isn’t looking at burnout anytime soon.

The marketing universe is a dynamic place that has always been evolving and expanding and it seems to have made its way into the digital avenues. While it’s definitely not everyone’s cup of *insert appropriate beverage*, if it’s something you like and are considering pursuing, there are many perks to choosing a career in digital marketing.

training in digital marketing

  1. Part of the Digital Revolution

Digital advertising and online transactions are becoming increasingly popular every day. The world is experiencing a digital revolution of sorts, and if it’s something that you would like to play a bigger role in, digital marketing is one of the ultimate ways to make your contribution.

  1. Change Is Inevitable

A common complaint that a lot of people have about their jobs is that they tend to suck the life out of them with their monotonous routines. Digital marketing training program offers you something new every day. You’ll always have something fresh to work on, you’re constantly learning and adapting to the constant evolution of the marketing world that gets you to think a little bit differently every day.

  1. A Different Kind Of Creativity

Whether it’s writing, graphics or just thinking of a new idea, there’s always room for creativity in this particular field. It’s an unpredictable platform that’s always looking to expand and evolve into something else, which is why, it embraces and appreciates all forms of creativity much more than the average job.

Digital Marketing Training

  1. You Learn A Lot About People

You’d probably get to meet a lot of different people depending on what field you happen to be a part of, but more importantly every advertisement, campaign and gimmick is carefully designed to cater to the deeper psychology that surrounds human beings. It’s an opportunity to gain a lot of insight into what people really want, the science behind the different ways in which they respond and the complexity behind the simplest of choices.

  1. The Diversity In Digital Marketing

There’s always a diverse range of projects to be a part of. Transitioning from fields within marketing itself isn’t very hard once you’re already a part of it. There are always new brands, businesses and companies coming into existence, each looking for new minds and fresh ideas.

At the end of the day every career has its pros and cons, but those who get paid to do something they genuinely enjoy definitely have the best kind of deal. So, if digital marketing is something that appeals to you and you think you’d be good at it, there isn’t any reason you shouldn’t pursue it. There are several digital marketing training programs available online itself and a quick Google search will direct you to a whole variety of options that will help you understand and nurture the kind of skills that would be required of you.

How to Increase Brand Awareness Using Social Media Strategy Plan

If you aren’t already trying to build brand awareness via social media platforms, you are definitely missing out! One of the most effective, proven ways to use the power of social media to help grow your business, is to build awareness for your brand, products and services.

Social Media has created a major impact in the business world and any company not present on these online platforms, won’t survive.

That being said, it’s not enough to just be present on social media. Brands need to take full advantage of this wonderful medium that is growing at warp speed. Social Media can help you generate brand awareness, when used properly and to its full potential, which is the first step to helping your brand grow. We’ve listed a few steps to help you out:

  • When it comes to creating a social media strategy, it’s important to understand that your brand need not be present on every single social media channel. Choose what’s best for you based on your target customers. Reaching out to your audience is easier if they are on the platform that you use in the first place, so this is the first and foremost step in your strategy. Remember, sometimes, less is more. Focus on one or two social media platforms before moving on to more.

  • Content is King. You have heard this a gazillion times but we have to say it again! Without quality content, people won’t bat their eyes at you more than once. Find a balance for your brand. To build brand awareness, you must create informative, educational content. At the same time, your content should aim to be promotional and interesting as well.

  • Social Media can make posts go viral. Social Sharing is really an accomplishment to aim for. Create posts that are invaluable that audience share it voluntarily. Social sharing is a great way to reach out to new users and spread the word about your brand.

  • Since you’re now attempting to build brand awareness using social media, be social! Try to create conversations with your audience, interact with users and try to personalize your content so you can resonate with them even more. It’s important for any brand to truly connect with its audience, and communication is the way to do that.

  • Almost in tune with interaction, customer service is also a great way to generate brand awareness. More often than not, customers have questions, complaints or doubts that they will run by you. Ensure that you are there to support them. Resolving issues, clearing any doubts and answering questions will also build a positive brand image and that’s a win – win situation you want to be in!

  • You can also use some gimmicks to help get the word out. Use paid advertising which is offered by every social media platform in tune to your requirements. Marketing with social networking sites is the new in thing! You may even hold contests and sponsor giveaways. Connect with bloggers and social media celebrities to get them to promote your brands.

There’s a whole world of options to increase brand awareness on social media alone. It takes a bit of trial and error to learn what works for you, considering each brand is different. However, there’s no arguing that social media is boss and you will eventually succeed!

Anonymity: A New Challenge in the New Media

Yes, ordinary consumers have also become the media now, they are constantly being published in the social media domain!! But now consumers are getting more and more privacy concerned, as they are feeling jittery about their identity, opinion coming into the public forum which is subsequently being tracked and used for reasons not necessarily intended. Recent studies show significant number of internet users is resorting to the privacy tools, ad blocking plug ins. Trends show a significant increase in popularity of anonymous social media sites like Whisper and Secret, Post Secret, Yik Yak. These sites allow the users to anonymously share messages publicly.

Thus with the internet users privacy concerns increasing, you need to now try and formulate strategies to reach out and advertise to these publicity weary consumers.These anonymous social consumers are posing new challenge in the social media marketing scenario. The users use a wide range of networks and produce data that are difficult to track. Added to this they can operate from specific new media platforms which can exclude most of the advertisement.

You will now need to wisely think of campaigns where you need not track your consumer’s data and reach out anonymously to your social customers. To combat this new challenge you will need to rethink and relearn the advertising approach of new media and may have to rely on the traditional way of reaching out to both identified and anonymous customers.