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How to dominate the World with a Content Marketing Company?

We like to believe that it is the age of possibilities. It’s fun to sit on the sidelines and ridicule the current state of affairs, where the big just seem to be getting bigger, but it does us good to notice that they weren’t always that way. You build your way from the ground up and every massive company out there was once, just a start up.

Best Content Marketing Agency

With the high standard of content marketing services in India, it is considerably easier for a brand to establish itself and earn a reputation. While content marketing is a concept that gets thrown around a lot, a lot of people fail to understand its significance. Content isn’t a bunch of random articles used to boost your search engine optimization; it is so much more than that!

What is content and why do you need it?

Content is simply, communication. Every time you communicate with your audience, you use content. Whether it is through an image, a video, a word or an article, you can’t escape it. The entire essence of your social media is content. You simply can’t do without it.

However, when people think of content marketing they fail to take into consideration its magnitude. It isn’t just an optional appendage to your brand building – it is the very foundation it is built on.

Why outsource this to a content marketing company?

So why do you need to employ the services of a content marketing company in India? Short answer – you don’t! It isn’t something you need to do at all, it’s just the more convenient (and in most cases) effective option. Why?

Content Marketing Strategy

An outsider’s perspective is good for business. When you focus on marketing or promoting a brand, it is always beneficial to have an unbiased and objective opinion. Zero-ing down on an issue isn’t possible until you can look at it from an objective perspective. Strategy and analysis are the defining characteristics of a good content marketing campaign – the success of which lie heavily upon the ability to see things as they are.

Qualified experts who have experience and relevant training cannot be compromised. The good thing about content marketing agencies (the good ones, at least) is that they have relevant experience in their field. While dealing with other clients facing similar problems as you, if not the same, you definitely learn a thing or two about the game.

Measurable statistics or the company’s track records are always available to you before choosing your agency. If you want an idea of how the company goes about things, you could always have a look at the other brands under its care. And while you’re working with them, if you aren’t happy with the results you can always ask your questions or switch to another one, if you aren’t pleased.

Content Marketing Services India

With that in mind, your way to world dominion begins with research! Solid research on content marketing services available to you and what you can expect out of them. Read up on reviews and other customer experiences, check out their social media handles and websites arrange for a consultation and if what you see makes you happy – go for it!

Author: Karishma D’mello

How to use Copywriting Courses to Jump to start your Career

There’s writing and then there’s copywriting. As hard as you may avoid embracing it at first, switching from blog writing, fiction (or whatever it is you used to do) to copywriting online is not easy. Advertisements demand a different kind of creativity. Now of course, you could set about teaching yourself which is incredibly satisfying for sure, but if you’re looking for something to make you stand out at the very beginning of your career, a copywriting course is the way to go!

ad copywriting

Why, you ask?

…in a nutshell

It adds value to your CV

If you’re a fresher, just starting off or even if you’ve dabbled in the field for a while, it makes for a more impressive looking CV. For those looking to freelance, this could even help you get a better rate! Certifications are always useful, especially in the field of advertising and digital marketing.

Helps you ease into it

The idea of writing copy for online advertisements might seem daunting to a new writer, at first. A good copywriting online course helps you get the confidence you need by giving you hands on practical knowledge and practice.

Now, there’s plenty to choose from, so ask the right questions before you make a choice!

Who’s the trainer?

And what makes them qualified to educate you about the subject?

Before taking any course, a key point to focus on is the background of the trainer. What makes him or her qualified to be teaching copywriting? What do they have to show for their expertise? It is worthwhile to look into the previous corporations they’ve worked for and the results they’ve produced. After all, you’re looking to learn from someone who genuinely knows what they’re talking about and can teach from experience.

copywriting online

What does the course cover?

Always look for that extra something

This one is a no brainer, but pay attention to what they offer. The thing to keep in mind is that with copywriting there is always an emphasis on digital marketing. So, if the course has the promise of interesting marketing insights that are something you need to watch out for! Copywriting is essentially what could sell a product, so knowing the ins and outs or even a rudimentary understanding of online marketing can only help you!

What do the reviews say?

The general opinion can help you decide

Next, on the list is reading up on reviews. Is there value for money? Did the course live up to expectations? All you need to know could probably be enlisted in reviews given by people who have already taken the course.

article writing examples

Once you’ve done a thorough research, you should definitely be able to narrow down to a select few that cover everything or most things you look for in a copywriting course. At this point in your education you probably know that some methods of teaching work better for you than others that are where you pay special attention to the medium of instruction offered in the course. A more personal touch might include direct communication with an instructor or in some cases you may have the actual classroom experience. So choose what works best for you, and go get certified!

Author: Karishma D’mello

The role of Digital Marketing from Education to Politics

Digital marketing knows no bounds

Getting training in digital marketing has a whole variety of benefits. The diverse applications of digital marketing make it a handy skill to have no matter what you pursue. Contrary to what it may seem, digital marketing isn’t all about product marketing. From artists, musicians, creative professionals, entrepreneurs to politicians, economists, educators and new age philosophers, online marketing plays an enormous role in every sphere.

Digital Marketing Training

The age of social media and self promotion: Marketing your brand and your own identity

One of the biggest contributing factors to the widespread applicability of Training in Digital Marketing is the fact that it has promoted the marketing of an identity. If everyone has an identity, a career choice is immaterial. Customers like to stay connected, and social media allows for a more personal relationship. So what does it matter if you’re a physicist or an author? A good reputation can only help!

Got a story to tell? Where do you tell it?

An online reputation can make or break you, but the power to tell your story, your way is always with you. You have at your disposal, the ability to tell your side of the story, as masked in controversy as it may be! And controversy does not discriminate, it knows every sphere.

Everything, everywhere! Boundaries are a thing of the past

Travelling in the comfort of your own laid back chair with a laptop at your desk may not be ideal, but it sure is convenient. When you decide that you need to reach out internationally or stay local, it’s all in your own hands. Choose your own demographics, target the right people, go overseas or something a bit more down to earth, you can move past borders with the click of a button!

Training in Digital Marketing

Virtual immortality?

Life and death on the internet

Internet perishability is a topic of undying interest to a lot of people (pun intended). On the one hand, you need quality content to stand out, on the other hand, there is also a lot of validation being given out to content that happens to be of the brain dead variety. All things considered, to live a decent virtual existence and enjoy your fair share of online virality, you need good marketing to back up your content. Marketing is the one constant that defines virality across all content – the good, the bad and the unfortunately, the downright ugly.

This of course, does not mean that content that isn’t marketed well enough will die. It will probably just go unnoticed, indefinitely – virtual immortality if you will. If you are lucky, of course, there’ll be that one person who discovers you and spreads the word giving it its well deserved fame for fifteen minutes or more, but more often than not this isn’t the case.

Author: Karishma D’mello

How to Take Advantage of Digital Marketing Services

It’s no shocker that digital marketing has proved it’s worth, especially in the last few years. With companies fast learning its potential, digital marketing has boomed more this year than ever before. The rise of Online shopping has given digital marketing an even bigger platform to prove itself and if you don’t already know how fruitful it could be for your business, you’re lagging behind!

Training in Digital Marketing

For small business especially, digital marketing is super convenient. Considering the affordability factor first and foremost, small business can’t always afford to turn to traditional marketing, and that’s where digital marketing steps in. Advertising is sometimes the biggest burden cost wise, but with digital marketing, small business can spend less and still achieve their goals.

It’s now an online world, the audience you’re trying to reach out to is probably on the internet, waiting for you to find them, (sometimes, they’re looking for you too!) and that you can do, with the help of digital marketing.  It’s way more personalised than traditional marketing will ever be, and this remains one of its major advantages.

It’s extremely difficult to build a brand via traditional marketing and there are so many things that could go out of control mainly due to the fact that its communication is to the masses, and if there’s anything that we’ve learnt over the years in this industry, it’s that audiences vary deeply and must be communicated with accordingly.

Digital Marketing Training program

Developing a brand is infinitely easier with Digital marketing, where you can have a website for authenticity, social media for interaction and engagement directly with the audience which contributes to customer satisfaction and maybe a blog featuring relevant information.

Digital Marketing training program has no borders. Because of this, brands can reach audiences anywhere in the world. This is a huge game changer for small businesses and brands that would otherwise have no other way to reach out to audiences in countries other than the one they are part of. Thanks to this Global nature of digital marketing, brands have grown in more ways than one!

What sets digital marketing apart from traditional methods is probably the engagement factor.

Digital marketing training program  has allowed brands and businesses to directly engage with its audience, and vice versa. This is a powerful tool that businesses are beginning to use widely. Engaging with your audience makes it easier to stay relevant. Getting answers directly from the audience, solving problems, sharing the latest offers and having contests/giveaways are really great ways to engage with your audience using digital marketing.

Digital Marketing has made it much easier to track and measure the results of any advertising campaign you carry out. Social Media platforms like Facebook and Instagram will provide you really informative insights that portray how your campaign is carrying out. This helps you learn the effectiveness of the campaign and you can use these results to improve upon the next campaign. This, combined with the personalization and customization factor, makes it a formidable tool, don’t you think?

Social Media Marketing

If you still think you’re struggling with the uses and technical areas of Digital marketing, it doesn’t hurt to take some training in digital marketing, be it online or via an Institute. There are loads of them if you look it up online, find the right fit for you and benefit from it because learning never stops!

Author: Eden Francisca Fernandes


How to write Effective Technical Project Report Writing

When it comes to writing anything technical, following a format is a pre- requisite. This is because a technical report contains important technical information and a format will allow the information to be structured, clear and easy to understand. It is also the only professional way to go about writing a technical project report. So, keep the format in mind at all times.

Project Report Writing

The structure we’ve penned below is commonly accepted and most technical project reports are based off of this format. Here’s what a technical project report should consist of:

  • Cover Page

Also known as the Title page, it contains the most basic details. The title of the report and the details of the institution. The Reports for assessment must be included here, where the word length has been specified, it may also contain the summary word count and the main text word count.

  • Contents Page

    This page is like an index and lists out what contents the reader will find. It also matches the contents of the project to its exact page number.

  • Introduction

    This is where you must list out the objectives of the report, the purpose for writing the report and a brief on how the topic must be treated in perspective with the report itself. The introduction is like the starting point for the body and provides a tiny insight into what the report will convey.

Project Report Writing

  • Summary

    The Summary is like a pulverised version of the entire project report writing. It must contain an overview of the report including the conclusions, comments and decisions taken.

  • Body

    This is the most crucial part of your entire project, as it carries your content. Ensure that all the important information that is part of the project goes in here in a systematized manner. Make use of bullet points, sub headings and such to make your work look presentable. It’s quite possible that this section will be the longest one from the entire report, as it should be. If a reader wants an explanation on something they read in the summary, introduction or conclusion, they should be able to procure that information here, in the body. Without the body, the project is worth nothing.

  • Conclusions

    A conclusion should be short, defined and should sum up your report. Leave out the explanations from this section and try to keep it as brief as possible. Use appropriate language that indicates the summation of a report.

  • References

    Throughout the course of your project, it’s crucial that you were, at the same time, noting down all your sources of research. It is at this stage that you will need to cite them. If you’ve used quoted text from somewhere else, you will need to include that in the references so as to ensure that your report isn’t deemed plagiarized. It’s also a way of giving credit to the sources you’ve used to carry out your research.

Digital Marketing Class

  • Bibliography

    Almost similar to the references section, but the bibliography can include published sources and material that were used in your research. You can also include sources that may help in the further understanding of the subject of your technical report.

  • Acknowledgements
    If you have taken the help of anyone, this is a section dedicated to thanking them.
  • Appendices

    This is an optional section and will include extra material that may not be required for a casual reader. The use of graphs, computer data etc which haven’t been included in the project report but are essential for in-depth understanding of the project must go in this section.

That concludes our mini guide towards effective technical project report writing. This covers all the basics and should help you get started!