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Too many vendors, Too many training programmes
Digital is free
Context & Relevance
Context & Relevance

What we can do

  • Let us hold your hand and help you wade through the tide with our rich experience and domain-specific expertise. We can guide you through this immensely prospective muddle.
  • To position yourself in the clutter you need to plan right, and at the right time. Place yourself firmly in this disarranged matrix with your characteristic novelty.
  • Prepare a simple, customised training programmme, relevant and contextual for your organisation.
  • Train your employees as per your need.


1. Face to face
2. Online


From 45 Minutes to 2 days


Both Standard/Basics and
Advanced (Please enquire
for more details)

Some Customised Training Programmes that we have been a part of so far

Providing Continuous training programmes from our perspectives to founder/individual clients on the following:
a) Digital Media Ecosystem: Basics (Customised)
b) Social Media Ecosystem: Basics Advanced (both customised)
c) Online Video
d) Lead Capture, generation: Basics and Intermediary
e) Bridging offline and online: Basics, Intermediary and Advanced
f) Content Creation and Marketing: Basics, and Advanced (Contextual)

* For existing boarded clients, we even go out of our way and bring trainers / connect them to training programs if needed!

In case you want to know more about this, please send us an email over here…

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