Does the matrix of multiple screen make your life easier?

Gone are the days, when you had only Face book and Twitter to create a social connection with your clients and prospective customers. The fleet-footed evolution of the social media provides you with a myriad of platforms aka screens to make ‘out of the box’ campaigns! Indeed an exciting time for the marketers.

Now, this calls into question, does this ‘many screen’ scenario make your life any easier? Dwell on this: you have a compelling story, your research analytics prompt you the perfect prospective platforms, you have carefully crafted creative content yet you don’t make any impact!!


There is an interesting biological angle in the whole story! The prominence of social media with too many screens and options has rewired our brain. Studies say that average human attention span is decreasing; however, our multi-tasking ability has increased. Hence, while waiting for an elevator in a mall, airport or a super store you no more get engrossed in the innovative, engaging interactive display of the digital OOH, you are either answering to mails you intend to or inattentively scrolling down your inbox, ignoring various painstakenly drafted shout out mails by various companies or you are simply in a chat in the constantly live Whatsapp. So what happens to those thoughtfully created content and well-sketched business plan.