Content Marketing Training

Content Connects, Commerce follows.

Content, in general, goes through three different stages of Brand/Product communication:

(Long Term)
(Shortest yet agile)

Current state of affairs

1) The equity stage is extremely short lived but also involves creating a steady foundation in the shortest period of time.
2) It involves: (a) Creating a logo to define your business (b) Finding augmented drivers for your product (c) Building an unswerving and reliable brand image (d) Following up with your audience and focusing on feedback.
3) All the above and more – Equity is the foundation for nourishment phase!
4) Nourishment stage is always cash strapped. In today’s digital days there are multiple options. This is a stage where your brand/ product has been accepted and now you need to nurture brand through various marketing communication. You need blogs, emailers, social media, SEO content, PR content, teasers, video, audio – and several other communications to continuously feed your brand. brand equity.
5) The third stage is performance marketing!. This is the stage where you are concentrating more on performance and involve advertising campaigns and online marketing to drive sales, generate leads and increase ‘clicks’. This stage involves a whole set of activities. (e.g. lead generation, nurture, funnel management-culminating to sales) Interestingly, irrespective of what comes out of this stage, activities needed for equity and nourishment stages still continue to be in some form or the other!

Real Challenges

1) Big brands and best practices may not always be applicable. (For SOHO)
2) Too much focus on Top 5 rules –
We understand that the rules may apply to everyone, but in this space, we choose to steer clear from them and focus on what we think is most important rather than following a list that everyone echoes.
3) Environmental Challenges –
Some things like Technical Disruption, Environmental Disruption, Government Policies and Pricing which are simply not in our control.
4) Lack of depth and well-researched helpful content –
Content needs to be well researched, carefully crafted and thoughtfully narrated.

5) Quality needs investment –
Continue to invest in good content, and it will remunerate you well. Content goes hand in hand with the amount of data generated every day. Scaling content with performance marketing is a thing of the future.

Right from developing to creating content strategies, the multi directional pull is to be discarded. For content marketing (in) India, the agencies need to focus their time and money on determining the initiative that will work best. Bundling efforts, creating sustainable content strategies, handling the SEO issues and understanding different facets of marketing content are some of the aspects that matter. For meeting specific needs of the clients, it is not generating unique content that can work wonders but breaking out of the limitations and engineering thoughts in the right direction that can bring success. Checking out the marketing content trends is crucial as you need to stay updated all the time. You have to cut through the unwanted factors and incorporate ideas that help in driving results in real time