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You are Media – Educate. Enlighten. Entertain.

Today, we live in a world where we are highly connected to others through bouncing icons on our digital screens. Everyone, everywhere is connected all the time through digital interactions. Digital content is available on a plethora of platforms and on various devices, causing a constant information explosion.
There is a distinct behavioural shift taking place, in how content is browsed, how content is shared and how it has created an emergence of millennial generation.
Businesses must understand that customers have changed – changed forever-and so have their expectations!
We at Enter Cerebrum realize that the new age business
A) Consumes Media and
B) Produces Media

SOHO and Crossroad

In micro optics, they say that video is the flavour of the day. Augmented and Virtual realities are waiting in the offing and automation is somewhere in the halfway point. There are horses flying on artificial intelligence, business astuteness and machine learning and we have started to recall when we last heard all those new lingos at the same time! Among the various strategies for digital marketing, there is an availability of low cost high return platforms like Social Media marketing, Website SEO and e-mail marketing.

To execute these strategies there is a plethora of low cost vendors providing economical, top-level digital marketing strategies, taking into consideration the technology available at their disposal every step of the way.
There is a masked conflict of interest that arises with vendors that promise the moon! Promising sales through Facebook or gaining followers on LinkedIn organically, is something that needs a realistic approach and a determined, honest take on the task.

At EnterCerebrum, we understand that there may be several challenges the business may face.

Personal Challenges

  • Stress
  • Being understaffed
  • Cash flow issues
  • Client retention and Client forage
  • Legal affairs

Environmental Challenges

  • Technical disruptions
  • The ongoing fads
  • Geopolitics and its effect
  • Hearsay
  • Competition

Aspirational Challenges

  • Growth
  • Scalability
  • Cash flow
  • Necessity of more funds

What we offer

  • You are your Media -A step by step handholding guide and help in creating need specific channels, communication, and advertisements.
  • Social Media Bucket -SEO Optimisation. Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn (Social Media) Marketing and Campaign plan creation.
  • Totally digital -Your message, Medium, Blogs, Tools, Video advertising- a very different approach to 360 degrees digital.
  • PR from the clutter -Customised for your need. - Innovative services built on the top of “Social Media”.
  • Trend-spotting and Futuristic white papers -Customised for your need only.
  • Reverse Automation -Plan Manual, Reach Social. Reach Niche. Get Engaged. Get Results. (a contrarian approach) Schedule a call to get results.

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