Digital Marketing Training


There are trainers and
there are ‘trainers’.
Training is always the
last cost centre!
Availability of standard
packaged training
programme(s) (mostly to
help you -get- set-go).
Lack of perspective building.
Subjects mostly hover around
extreme (either complete tech or
soft skills) Business and
Problem-solving. Lack
contextual grounding.


Acquiring essential knowledge and sharpening skills are imperative for growth and success. Sharing helps us progress. Let us collaborate to share our insights and knowledge with you.
Let’s understand the economic dynamics of this confused cluttered market along with its disruptive forces to formulate a holistic approach.

What we offer

  • Let us discover together how to skilfully use fundamental marketing skills, understand the changed context and amalgamate the newer set of skills faster, effectively.
  • We ensure a realistic and down to earth delivery; customised courses will help you control the reins of this tech savvy space with the required agility and glib.
  • Understand existing set of skills and provide post-training online help/support for a mutually agreeable period of time.
  • Help you with successful branding and free knowledge enhancement (as Digital Media is ever evolving).

Some Customised Training Programme(s) that we have been a part of so far

1) Training people for Online Lead Generation for a digital media company. (Customised, made for Lead generation and conversion team)
2) Training people for “perspective and context” based on content marketing for a digital media company.
3) Training people for Online recruitment strategies (customised) for a mid-size software company. (Target audience – Project/Programme and Senior HR managers)
4) Soft skill training program needed to survive the digital assault for a mid-large- scale software company for their freshers. (people with 0-2 years of experience)
5) Countless talks on “disruption” and how that impacts the company and its ecosystem: Delivered to digital and brick and mortar companies.
6) Advanced customised Training programs for engineers who work at client’s place!
7) Creating content for innumerable “in-house” training programs on content, content marketing, digital media strategy, digital media ecosystem, mobile strategy.

Following the global standards of Digital Marketing, Training must be handpicked and reviewed properly. For people to build a successful career in this field, the training part is vital. Choosing from a comprehensive range of training programs become a challenge for many people.However, the right training in digital marketing makes a fundamental difference as this field succumbs to constant changes taking place around the world. Teaming efforts with knowledge also is important. Effective use of digital marketing tools is the precept of every course and the way it benefits people and businesses.


1. Face to face
2. Online


From 45 Minutes to 2 days


Both Standard/Basics and
Advanced (Please enquire
for more details)

In case you want to know more about this, please send us an email over here…
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