Our company, Enter Cerebrum provides content writing services with special focus on Marketing Communication.

  1. Brand Equity Building (Shortest yet agile)

  2. Brand Nourishment (Long Term)

  3. Brand Performance Marketing (Continuous)

  1. The Brand Equity Building Stage:

  1. The equity stage is extremely short lived but also involves creating a steady foundation in the shortest period of time.

  2. It involves:

  1. Creating a logo to define your business

  2. Finding augmented drivers for your product/service

  3. Building an unswerving and reliable brand image

  4. Following up with your audience and focusing on feedback.

  5. All the above and more -

  1. Building Brand Equity is the foundation for the Brand Nourishment phase!

  1. 2.

    The Brand Nourishment Stage:

  1. This is a stage where your brand and its products/services have been received and acknowledged. Now you need to nurture the brand or reinforce it in the minds of consumers through various marketing communication.

  2. This is a continuous phase.

  3. In today's digital world there are multiple options for creating and reaching out to your target groups with brand nourishment content.

  4. It may involve

  1. Blogs

  2. Emailers

  3. Social Media

  4. SEO Content

  5. PR Content

  6. Teasers

  7. Video

  8. Audio

  9. All the above and several other communications to continuously feed your brand equity

  1. 3.

    The Brand Performance Marketing Stage:

  1. This is the stage where you are concentrating more on performance and involve advertising campaigns and online marketing to drive sales, generate leads and increase 'clicks'. Basically every set of activity is targeted to get customers, sales, and nothing else

  2. This stage involves a whole set of activities.

  1. lead generation

  2. lead nurturing

  3. funnel management-culminating in conversion or sales

  1. Interestingly, irrespective of what comes out of this stage, activities needed for equity and nourishment stages still continue to be in some form or the other!