The ecosystem of Social with its different components like the platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on), the users who use the platforms, the content or the communication and the intelligence and analytical tools is very developed.

In the ecosystem of Social, today we can say that the ecosystem of Analytics is the most developed and is evolving constantly to become better and better. Analytics without doubt gives us an understanding of the success of the campaign running on the platforms and the ROI. To the layman the most recognizable sign of a content being accepted is the use of “like” or “share”. Besides “like” and “share” each and every channel provides a set of statistics independently to the publisher of content as to how the campaign is going. On top of that, there is a plethora of tools to help us demystify the acceptability of the content at the granular level.

There are social listening and analytics tools which provide a general perspective on how the communication is performing overall across channels. There are analytical tools and again some more analytical tools. The situation is such that the ecosystem of intelligence and analytics seems to be more developed than the ecosystem of the social as a whole.

But the important question here is that can intelligent analytics ever replace the need for generating the right content? Content still remains and will remain the basis for engagement with customers. Content is still the King.