Is Automation the ultimate fix for the ever pervasive, round-the clock social media ?

The omnipresent social media never goes on a vacation!!!! And the social media marketing evangelist tells you “always be present in the social media space”, this puts you under a perpetual pressure. However, in this high-tech era, we have our marketing automation tools. Viola!! The repetitive, energy-consuming tasks are taken care of .You have powerful programs customized for your target population all round the clock. You save money and time. What more do you want?

But, social Media, as the name suggest, is social, humane, it is unique in the way it connects and engages. The beauty lies in its two-way communication. You interact with your target audience. A continuous flow of emotion less robotic content can alienate you from your target community. And hence sadly, your carefully crafted contents are finally sent to the spam folders. A spam bot is what you position yourself as, in this highly competitive and cluttered market space.

Social media marketing is a skill which you acquire through experience. The cut and try, hit and miss cases give you the seasoning, the maturity and the sophistication in creating content, strategizing your marketing activity. Automation tools have to be effectively and judiciously used through creative thought process to build a brand which connects!