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Hi, I am Apratim aka founder of Enter Cerebrum. I’d like to share my insights and expertise of delivering more than 100 projects across 10 verticals with you. Game?
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What we do


Digital Marketing

Now, you are Media and Your customers are Digital. What do you do next?


Content Marketing

Content Marketing. Automation. Future. Understand the dynamics!



No Big stuff. Design. For Change

We believe we have a pair of eyes in our Heart!


Digital Media Training

Joy of learning, sharing, hand holding. With you in the front seat!

How it helps you

Reboot Kernel

  • We offer training on how to communicate across social media channels.

  • We offer platform specific training.

  • We offer both standard and customized training programme(s) in the context of new media.

Decade of Digital Experience




How it helps you

Longhand Mileage

  • We help you to create effective and impactful brand communications across different stages of user/buyer experience.

  • We help to ideate powerful visuals (UI/UX) for your digital assets or process.

  • We help you to plan and implement content marketing.

Decade of Digital Experience




How it helps you


  • We help you to understand how you can maximize your benefits through various channels of new media (Social/Search/Local/Mobile).

  • We help you to plan, create, schedule, measure communications across digital media platforms.

  • We help you to spot trends and create right creative formats (video/image/audio/info graphics) for your brands.

Decade of Digital Experience






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