Nowadays every company, organization or institution has a website. It is the minimum requirement. This is so because technological advancements like availability of internet everywhere and the advent of mobile phones with net connections has changed our behavior of searching for information. For example, if you wish to enroll your son into a school, the first thing you will do is to search for the names of good schools in your town or city. Even if you know the names of the schools, you would visit the websites of those schools one by one to gather authentic information about them. Next you will search for opinions of students or parents of students studying in a particular school, search for blogs about the school, and go through the news available about that school in the media and so on. Then you will compare the information gathered about different schools and decide to get your son admitted into a particular school.

This behavior is true while buying things too, be it a house, a car, an electronic gadget or even clothes. The same is true before availing services too like buying air or rail tickets, booking hotels, going to a restaurant, hiring a music teacher, looking for a dentist and what not.

So you can understand that having good content and helpful creative is very important nowadays to attract the right customers. If a company does not have any digital property, like a website, blogs about it, social pages, and so on, people will not be able to find out or know about that company and its products and services. The more a company has digital content uploaded on the net, the more are its chances of being found out by prospective customers. Again bad content can make customers go away. So good digital content with interesting creative help companies to attract customers and grow.