Branding through Blogging

Everybody loves to read a story…

And in today’s digital era, where a consumer keys in as she thinks about a product or service, the importance of building an online persona of your brand becomes very important. And blogs allow you to tell your story and position the persona of your brand. Thus the persona of the brand is now what your customers say and feel about your product or service or organization. Hence it’s the content you have on the social media that creates a significant impact.

Subsequently, your customers start engaging with you through your blogs. The personal interaction with them brings your brand closer to them and helps build trust in you! Getting the content viral is something which every marketer aims at. Viral is nothing but the positive effect of ‘word of mouth’. Until date nothing could beat the word of mouth marketing. And this is done by the readers of your blogs. The readers eventually become your best brand building evangelists!

Is it as simple as said? No, unfortunately it isn’t. Bad blogs can not only be ineffective but a bad content can totally delineate your customers from your brand. The dissociation can be damaging to the extent of completely destroying a brand.

The most essential and preliminary step of blogging aka branding is to understand the need of the customer. Each audience has need. You need to understand and empathise with their intents. And then you know the destination. Accordingly you need to ideate the content to connect to the core. The emotional connect that you create with your blog is what imparts the timeless unique identity to your brand, which in turn stands out and forms an indelible bond with your coveted customer.

Nonetheless, to achieve all this you need to understand the dynamics of the disruptive marketing and identify the intent of the leading customers. Once you can answer them with your well researched, well strategized and well curated blog, you have established your brand story.