1) Define the Topic: This is the first step to a great blog. Establish your topic and its scope properly at the beginning of the blog to create the right expectations in the mind of the readers. Then fulfill those expectations or surpass them but never let them down.

2) Contextualize with 4Ws and 1H: Explore your topic from all angles by following the simple structure of 4Ws and 1H. The 4Ws stand for ‘What’, ‘Why’, ‘Where’ and ‘When’, while the 1H stands for ‘How’. Answering these questions would put the topic in its proper context and make the readers grasp the topic well.

3) Tell a Story: People love to hear stories. Personalize your content with human touches and emotions. Your blog should touch your readers’ hearts. A blog that tells a story is always more interesting to read than a blog which is a dry statement of facts.

4) Design Roadmap: Design a compact structure for your blog. Haphazardly written, sloppy lines, unnecessary digressions or length make blogs uninteresting. Blogs are meant to be read fast. Help your readers by putting sub-topics. Be to the point and concise.

5) Conclude with an Invigorating PoV: The conclusion of your blog should reflect your unique point of view about the topic. This gives your blog its unique flavor. Simply repeating what others say or following run-of-the-mill trends will make your blog very ordinary. Blogs become great when you lend your unique perspectives to them.