Anonymity: A New Challenge in the New Media

Yes, ordinary consumers have also become the media now, they are constantly being published in the social media domain!! But now consumers are getting more and more privacy concerned, as they are feeling jittery about their identity, opinion coming into the public forum which is subsequently being tracked and used for reasons not necessarily intended. Recent studies show significant number of internet users is resorting to the privacy tools, ad blocking plug ins. Trends show a significant increase in popularity of anonymous social media sites like Whisper and Secret, Post Secret, Yik Yak. These sites allow the users to anonymously share messages publicly.

Thus with the internet users privacy concerns increasing, you need to now try and formulate strategies to reach out and advertise to these publicity weary consumers.These anonymous social consumers are posing new challenge in the social media marketing scenario. The users use a wide range of networks and produce data that are difficult to track. Added to this they can operate from specific new media platforms which can exclude most of the advertisement.

You will now need to wisely think of campaigns where you need not track your consumer’s data and reach out anonymously to your social customers. To combat this new challenge you will need to rethink and relearn the advertising approach of new media and may have to rely on the traditional way of reaching out to both identified and anonymous customers.